Module Introduction: We will use a simple free to use program called Autodesk HomeStyler to assist us with learning to create working house plans.  This program is a great tool for both professionals and homeowners to help visualize their designs.  Please feel free to use the resources given as well as other reputable sources to not only complete the assignments given but to allow a better familiarization with the content.

Autodesk Homestyler is an awesome design tool that will allow you to design a home wherever you.  We will use this as a design and layout tool but this is also a great tool to show clients what they may see in future designs and get you an idea of a layout that they are happy with.  Today I would like to see how well you can pick up on new software and what kind of raw design skill you have.  We will use this class to show your freedom of thinking and expose you to a free tool out there for you to use.  I would like for you to use the software to design a 3 bedroom two bath home and we will discuss results as you go.  Good luck


1. Use the graphical user interface.

2. Create, retrieve, edit, and use symbol libraries.

3. Use inquiry commands to extract drawing data (list distance and area).

4. Control entity properties.

5. Plot/Print drawing to appropriate scale.


Operating System

5. Import and export data files between formats (e.g., IGES and DXF).

6. Use software help features.