Educational Consulting

from a Different Point of View

Need educational help or support, we have you covered.

With years of experience working with everyone from the students to state and national decision makers, I am sure that we can help. We take a engineering, systematic, problem solving approach to all issues to create the most efficient and sustainable solutions to your educational challenges. Although we love new challenges and can bring great insights, we are very familiar with helping with the topics listed below:

  • Professional Development schedules, planning, and implementation
  • LMS Creation and Implementation
  • Curriculum alignment and sequencing
  • Curriculum creation
  • Implementation plans
  • Automated solutions
  • Industry partnerships and collaboration tools
  • Drone implementation including policy and procedures
  • Conference support and development
  • Standards alignment and development
  • Bridges for industry and educational partnerships
  • Program integration and planning
  • and more...

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