What is 3D printing & Why?

It's much bigger than you think, I promise.

With over 20 years of experience using many different types of 3D printers, I am considered one of the head professionals for the use of 3D printers in education in South Carolina.  I was exposed to my first 3D printer (a ZCorp resin machine) as a student in high school through a technical college over 24 years ago. Yes, they have been around that long. I currently have three different 3D printers in my classroom as well as two at home. They are all used regularly for a variety of design projects and prototypes. I am also an expert CAD user and comfortable with a variety of design programs and can help you learn what you need to get started.  I look forward to sharing all of that with you and your school or district.  My first 3D printer was valued at over $50,000 just 9 years ago and you can buy them now for a few hundred dollars at the local hardware store.  

Let me answer the following questions:  Why do we need 3D Printers in schools?  How do we implement in classrooms? How is this preparing our students for higher order thinking?

Free Lesson Plan for Middle or High School

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