Welcome to South Carolina Architectural Design 1 online resources

You will find many helpful links and resources to teach you architectural design skills and give you information about architectural design.   This site is designed as a supplemental resource to the South Carolina Architectural Design Virtual course.

Goals: During this course participants should be capable of:

  • creating,  maintaining, utilizing, and expecting a safe office and jobsite work environment

  • understanding of different architectural careers and levels within them

  • understanding architectural sketching techniques, theories, components, and terminology

  • using and understanding architectural scales to create and read drawings

  • understanding computer components well enough to buy a suitable workstation for CAD use

  • understanding CAD programs and common CAD language

  • understanding floor plan layout and design

  • identifying roof types

  • identifying drawing types and knowing what drawings are needed to complete construction

  • identify section drawings and components of construction

  • using multiple CAD programs to create architectural drawings


Architectural Design Sylabus 2012-2013.pdf Architectural Design Sylabus 2012-2013.pdf
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