Justin Robinson

I am a former teacher, having taught at several schools the last of which was May River High School in Bluffton South Carolina. Before moving to Bluffton, I taught Mechanical and Architectural Design for 5 years in the School District of Oconee County.  I love creativity and design, which is why I love the area that I teach.  I also enjoy working with young people and helping them not only learn about Engineering and Design, but also about goal setting, planning, and problem solving skills.

I have a very diverse design background which includes design in many different fields.  I have worked in the mechanical field as an Industrial HVAC designer and Mechanical Draftsman, in the civil field doing surveying and design, in the architectural field creating drawings for multiple individuals and contractors and dealt with many other areas of design through these jobs and experiences. I owned a Landscape Design & Consulting business and was in that field for nearly ten years.  I have done a great deal of site planning, storm water management, landscape design, architectural design, irrigation, and management in the upstate area.

My former students were very successful at the Hamilton Career Center in Seneca, SC.  I had a student win the State Mechanical Drafting Competition in each year that I taught at the school.  We also finished 14th, 9th, and 6th in the National Competitions for the first three years.  I also had the opportunity of working with students on architectural designs that were completed in the upstate while the students were still in high school. I am very excited about working with teachers to help them and their students with a successful educational journey.

I am a 1996 graduate of Seneca High School. By age 23, I owned and operated my own landscape design and contracting business which grew very rapidly.  I sold the company in 2007 and went back to pursue my certification in education.  I completed a degree in Engineering Graphics at Tri-County Technical College and was certified to teach through the DIRECT certification process through the State Department of Education.  I have also completed graduate courses in Project Lead the Way and gained certification to teach these courses as well.  I received a certification for Engineering Designs and Development from Purdue University in 2008, and later 3 other Project Lead the Way Certifications from the University of South Carolina.

Through my various educational and real world experiences, I bring a different approach to education.  I believe that knowledge is power and that knowledge without application is useless.  I love being able to take the knowledge that students already have and show them how to apply that knowledge to things that they care about.  I also help students use all the many resources available to them to become lifelong learners and achieve more than any generation before them.

My wife, Chrissy, and I have three children.  She is also an educator with the Beaufort County School District.  We love all sports, spending time on the water, and are huge Clemson Tiger fans.